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Watch air drying on You Tube

Designed for industrial and commercial users, the Rosahl ionic membrane dehumidifier offers a revolutionary way to protect sensitive optical and electronic devices from moisture damage, and now you can watch air dry on our two minute video on You Tube.

Maintenance free dehumidifier

Rosahl uses an electrolytic membrane to remove moisture at a molecular level when a 3 volt dc supply is connected.  The moisture is expelled as a gas: water is not produced and there is no need for cleaning or draining.  The membrane will also last for up to eight years before it needs to be replaced.

Rosahl membranes effectively dehumidify airtight containers up to 2 m³  or up to 8 m³ if multiple units are used.  A small hole is required in the side or back of the container to enable the unit to vent the removed moisture.  A humidity control device may be required, dependent on the materials stored


Rosahl You Tube


Benefits of Rosahl  include

– No liquid water so no servicing or maintenance costs,

– No moving parts means no noise or vibration

– Solid-state technology with very low running costs

– Operates from -20° C to +50º C means no special countermeasures



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